Arkin Family Portraits – Tacoma Photographer

Back in May I had my first family photo session in what feels like ages. It couldn’t have been with a nicer, funnier, happier family. I met Joelle Smith (when she was Joelle Arkin) nearly 10 years ago at college. She was a mutual friend of my coworker and had just started working on The Pioneer  after I left as editor. Through the years we kept in touch as she is also a photographer, and now wife and momma. So we’ve really got a lot in common! Her little guy Dale is a spunky, happy 2-year-old and so cute! Joelle, her husband Luke, and Dale live in Arizona now and were up here visiting her parents and sisters who are from the Tacoma area. Grandpa Arkin sure adores his grandson. ♥+♥

I met up with the whole family at Wapato Park one early Friday morning in May. We couldn’t have asked for a better day! Not to cold, not to warm – a perfect PNW spring.

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