Kathy Cao Graduation Portraits – Tacoma Photographer

It has been 5 years since I’ve stepped foot on the Pierce College campus, so when my co-worker Kathy Cao asked me to shoot her graduation photos at Fort Steilacoom, I was excited to see the place. The school is so beautiful now! They’ve remodeled the face of the Cascade Building to make it flow with the new Rainier Building on the north side. The update has completely brightened up the look of the place and the entrance is like a crescendo to education! Okay, that sounded silly, but seriously… I almost want to go back to school! It always the case that they make amazing changes to things once you leave?

Enough about the school… Now on to Kathy! Several months ago Kathy started working in the same office as me. — Yes, I have a “real” job along with my photography. I can’t wait until photography is my “real” job, but only YOU can help with that. 😉 — I was a little bit nervous seeing as how our office is pretty small and there isn’t much room for another desk but as soon as she started we just clicked. She’s funny and inspiring, co-hosts a Podcast called Everything Is Awesome with Jeff and KC, and skates for the Marauding Mollys of the Dockyard Derby Dames.

I hope to keep in touch with Kathy once I start my “real” job as a full-time portrait photographer. 😀


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