What’s your story?

Senior portraits have become a necessity for teens in their last year of high school. These sessions celebrate an important milestone and document who your senior is right now in this moment. This guide shares what you can expect from your photography experience with me and provides helpful, important tips on having a successful session. If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to working with you!




What to expect

  • Before your session, the parents and senior will receive a questionnaire. This will help me not only get to know you better but also create a customized session for you! Answer truthfully and in detail. I love learning about my clients!
  • At the session, you can expect to relax and have fun while I coach you through fun poses that feel natural. I encourage you to make this a fun experience.
  • About 2-4 weeks after your session, you’ll receive a link to an online gallery of the images from your session to view and download! From there, you are able to select and order the images to print and you can share the gallery with your friends and family. Galleries are active for 2 weeks from delivery date, so download and order prints right away!
  • Once the order is placed, you will receive your beautiful prints to your door within two weeks.


What to wear

Choose outfits you feel confident and comfortable in. I highly recommend bringing at least two different outfits. Wear the same undershirt, but throw on a sweater or jacket. We’ll have time for about 2-3 changes so bring things that you love. If you are needing ideas, I suggest looking at Pinterest to find inspiration. Find my Pinterest page @foxandwagon and click on Session Wardrobe Ideas. Still have no idea what to wear? Text me with pictures of your outfits! I can tell you what photographs well and what doesn’t.

Layer your clothing to add texture and dimension to your outfits. Include a belt or necklace or if it’s cooler out a scarf or sweater cardigan. First and foremost: be you. For example, I love earrings so I would wear big feather earrings and a few bracelets. Do you love hats? Bring one (but don’t wear it, yet). Love boots? Wear them! Have a long, flowy dress? Rock it! Are you in sports? Bring your jersey as an option!

Try your outfits on. Move around in them to make sure there won’t be wardrobe malfunctions during your session.

Arrange your outfits ahead of time. Lay all of them out on a big bed, including accessories, in natural window light. Make sure all clothes are clean, pressed, and ready to go on hangers a few days before your session.

DON’T WEAR: T-shirts with large logos, neon or bright colors (like red, yellow, orange, or green – they cast a weird color on your skin), dirty socks, and shoes.

Girls/Makeup-wearing folks- Makeup should be natural but slightly heavier than normal. I HIGHLY recommend hiring a Make-Up Artist. I work with a few MUAs that also do basic hair (curls/waves). Let me know and I can schedule a session for you!
Guys/Facial hair folks – Plan a haircut for a week before. Shave well in GOOD, bright light either in the morning or the night before. Put on aftershave to reduce redness and irritation.
Nails – Cut and clean your fingernails. Clean off old polish and paint on a few layers of your favorite colors. Don’t use press-ons.


Additional Tips

  • Rest. Get a good night’s sleep.
  • I may give you prompts that evoke an emotion or a feeling. It’s okay to let yourself go and laugh! You’ll feel and look so much more relaxed.
  • I encourage you to make this a fun experience! Treat yourself! Take the day off of work. Make plans to go out for food afterward with your folks or friends.

Things to bring

□ Hairbrush/Comb
□ Chapstick
□ Makeup (for touch ups)
□ Water
□ 2 to 3 outfits AND shoes
□ Props (only if previously discussed)
□ Final payment


How long will my session last? And how many photos do we get?
Senior sessions last about 75 minutes and you will receive about 40 images with some in color and some in black & white. You have the option to wear two to three outfits. Time does not stop for clothing changes. To keep things simplified, I generally like to stick to two locations with a lot of variety or up to four locations that are close in distance.


Who can come with me?
Anyone! I suggest bringing only one person. It can be your mom, dad, best friend, or a sibling.


What’s this gallery you speak of?
About 2-4 weeks from our session date, I will upload all edited images to a sleek, online gallery. From there you will download your photos and have the option to order prints, enlargements and canvases.


If I don’t print through you, where should I get prints made?
I highly recommend MPix for any size prints, canvases, or enlargement printing. Avoid places like Walgreens or even Shutterfly. Always deselect “Auto Correct” on colors. I have calibrated my monitor for precise color printing.


Do we get a copyright to all our photos?
Short answer, no. You’ll receive a print release so that you are able to print wherever you choose! The only things you aren’t able to do is edit, sell, or enter them into contests. Note: When you share your photos, please do not screenshot photos. It severely decreases the quality. Simply e-mail them to yourself and download to your phone. I also ask you to tag Fox & Wagon Photography on Facebook and Instagram!


Do you have a referral program?
Yes! It’s a huge honor when you share my name with your friends and family! I have a special Senior Session Referral program: for each HS senior you refer in the year, you’ll receive 10 FREE graduation announcements. If you refer a family session, both you and your referral will receive 5% off your next family session OR choose +$15 to spend in print products through the gallery. (Your referral must sign a contract and make a 25% deposit within the school year and no later than April of that year).