Let’s tell your new story


I am so excited you have chosen me to capture your newborn portraits. These photos are going to be filled with memories of your new baby’s first few days. My goal is to focus on these moments of yours so you can live in the moment. Relax and trust in me as your photographer…. you’ve chosen me for a reason! This guide shares what you can expect from your photography experience with me and provides helpful, important tips on having a successful session. If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to email me.



Tips for a successful newborn session

• We’re probably going to be spending most of our time in your bedroom on your bed or next to your window or in the nursery. So a few days before, tidy up those rooms (not every room needs to be spotless!!). Declutter nightstands, dust surfaces, Windex the windows. If you need to shove everything in drawers or closets, go ahead because I won’t be opening those up! On the day of, have your partner put away phone cords and alarm clocks.

• Rest. If you can’t get a full night’s sleep because Baby kept you up, try to get some rest a few hours before I show up. Let your partner take care of the kids for an hour or two.

• Feed Baby right before I show up or as soon as I’m there. This will help calm baby and hopefully will make them sleepy.




• At the session, just relax and breathe in that new baby smell while I coach you through poses that feel natural. I may give you prompts that evoke an emotion or a feeling. It’s okay to let yourself go and feel those feelings. Laugh. Sigh. Snuggle. These are portraits with heart. The feeling of connection. and real-life.

• Also real-life… poop. If Baby needs a diaper change, change him/her as often as necessary. We have time.

• If Baby is hungry, you can warm up a bottle or breastfeed. I can document these moments too if you are comfortable. It is completely up to you.




I don’t have a “shot list”

• While I’m going to try to get a few images of Baby alone on the bed or in her bassinet, it’s not my main goal. If your baby wants to be held, hold her. If your baby needs a swaddle, wrap him up. When you hold him, I can zoom in on the details like his little toes and tiny ears.

• I like to take some photos of each parent with Baby separately simply to document the bond he or she has with their new child.

• Remember to show your partner affection. You created this life. If Baby was adopted, together you are raising this tiny human in a warm, loving home. Being a new parent is hard! The support you show each other is priceless.

• I may also take some photos of your home to document what your life was like at this time. Did you give birth at home and is the pool still in your living room? You bet I’ll capture that.





What to wear

I always suggest that mom chooses outfits she feels confident and beautiful in and then have everyone’s outfit coordinate from there. Light-colored tops work best. Maternity leggings are perfect!

Keep baby in just a diaper when I arrive. Prepare to dress baby in simple, light-colored onesies for some additional shots if necessary. No need for dresses on her or pants on him. Keep it as natural as possible.

If it helps, arrange all of your outfits ahead of time. Lay all of them out on a big bed, including accessories, in natural window light. Make sure all clothes are clean, pressed, and ready to go on hangers a few days before your session.

Avoid: T-shirts with large graphics, neon colors, old socks, dirty clothes. We’ll be on your bed, so SHOES OFF!

Ladies – Pamper yourself: take a shower! 😉 If you feel up to it, get your hair styled and makeup done before the session. Makeup should be natural.

Men – Plan a haircut if you can for a week before. Cut and clean your fingernails.

Still have no idea what to wear? Text me with pictures of your outfits! I also suggest looking at Pinterest to find inspiration. Find my Pinterest page @foxandwagon and click on Session Wardrobe Ideas.



Are there older siblings?

• I encourage you to make this a fun family experience. Instead of bribing your children to smile, make it a feel-good day. Make plans to order pizza or have some ice cream delivered before or after the session as a family, not as a reward but as part of the overall experience.

• I don’t expect children to be perfect angels. My goal is capturing your authentic selves and if that means your kids are tumbling and jumping, by all means, tickle and bounce them on the bed (when Baby isn’t alone on it)! Please don’t scold your children, it changes the mood and experience.




Include your fur babies!

• They’re part of the family too! I love having your dogs or cats join us on the bed. Please always keep a hand on your pet if we ever photograph them side by side. I also recommend making sure your pet is fully introduced to your new baby before ever putting them close to each other.




What happens next?

• About 2-4 weeks after your session, you’ll receive a link to an online gallery of the images from your session to view and download! From there, you are able to select and order the images to print and you can share the gallery with your friends and family. Galleries are active for about 4 weeks.

• Now breathe. Have I said that enough? You’ve stepped into parenthood (maybe for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th time!) and now it’s time to focus on your baby and yourself. You got this, mama and papas!