Let’s tell your story


I am so excited you have chosen me to capture your family portraits. I look forward to creating memories and timeless images and helping tell your story – even if we just have 15 minutes. My goal is to focus on these moments of yours so you can live in the moment. Your job (yes, you have one!) is to stay connected with your family, whether it is by touch or simply talking. And relax! Trust in me as your photographer! This guide shares what you can expect from your photography experience with me and provides helpful, important tips on having a successful session. If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to email me.

What to expect

• Before your session, you’ll receive a questionnaire. This will help me not only get to know you better but create a customized session for you!

• At the session, you can expect to relax and have fun while I coach you through fun poses that feel natural. I may give you prompts that evoke an emotion or a feeling. It’s okay to let yourself go and feel those feelings. If you’re wanting the perfect portraits where everyone is smiling, you won’t get that with me. What you will get is portraits with heart. The feeling of connection. Real life.

• I encourage you to make this a fun family experience. Instead of bribing your children to smile, make it a feel-good day. Make plans to go out for food or a treat before or after the session as a family, not as a reward but as part of the overall experience.

• Rest. Get a good night’s sleep.

• I don’t expect children to be perfect angels. My goal is capturing your authentic selves and if that means your kids are running and climbing, by all means, run and climb with them! Please don’t scold your children. Nothing they can do will upset me.

• About 2 weeks after your session, you’ll receive a link to an online gallery of the images from your session to view and download! From there, you are able to select and order the images to print and you can share the gallery with your friends and family. Galleries are active for about 2 weeks from delivery date, so download and order prints right away!

• Once the order is placed, you will receive your beautiful prints to your door in two weeks.


What to Wear

Here are a few tips for putting together your outfits:

Decide on a palette of 2-3 colors to base your outfit on (including pants and dresses). You want a cohesive feel, but without being too matchy. You want your outfits to complement each other. If you are needing ideas, I suggest looking at Pinterest to find inspiration. Find my Pinterest page @foxandwagon and click on Session Wardrobe Ideas.

I always suggest that the women to choose outfits she feels confident and beautiful in and then have everyone’s outfit coordinate from there. Still have no idea what to wear? Text me with pictures of your outfits!

Layer your clothing to add texture and dimension to your outfits. Include a belt or necklace or if its cooler out a scarf or sweater cardigan. First and foremost: be you. For example, I love earrings so I would wear big feather earrings and a few bracelets. Do you love hats? Bring one (but don’t wear it, yet). Does your family love boots? Wear them! Have a long, flowy dress? Rock it!

Arrange your outfits ahead of time. Lay all of them out on a big bed, including accessories, in natural window light. Make sure all clothes are clean, pressed, and ready to go on hangers a few days before your session.

Avoid: t-shirts with large graphics, neon colors, tube socks, overly formal clothes, dirty shoes.

Ladies – Pamper yourself by getting your hair styled and makeup done before the session. Makeup should be natural but slightly heavier than normal. For makeup and hairstylist recommendations, contact me!

Men – Plan a haircut for a week before. Cut and clean your fingernails.


Things to Bring

□ Hairbrush
□ Chapstick
□ Makeup (for touch ups)
□ Water
□ Snacks
□ Extra outfit (just in case)
□ Baby wipes for little kids




How many outfit changes do we get? Do we get multiple locations?

You have the option to wear two outfits if time allows. You certainly don’t have to! Time does not stop for clothing changes. To keep things simplified, I generally like to stick to one location with a lot of variety or two locations that are close in distance.

How long will my session last? And how many photos do we get?

Mini-sessions are 15 minutes with about 15 images.

What’s this gallery you speak of?

About 2-4 weeks from our session date, I will upload all edited images to a sleek, online gallery. From there you will download your photos and have the option to order prints, enlargements, and canvases.

Do we get a copyright to all our photos?

Short answer, no. You’ll receive a print release so that you are able to print wherever you choose! The only things you aren’t able to do is edit, sell, or enter them into contests. Note: When you share your photos, please do not screenshot photos. It severely decreases the quality. Simply e-mail them to yourself and download to your phone. I also ask you to tag Fox & Wagon Photography!

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! It’s the biggest honor when you share my name with your friends and family! For every client you refer, both you and your referral will receive 5% off your next session OR +$15 to spend in print products through the gallery.

Where can I leave a review?

Reviews are right up there with referrals as the best ways to support my business. I’m on Google and Facebook!

Are you ready? Let’s go!