“We loved working with Stacy. She helped us feel at ease during the photo session, let my kids be kids, captured them in their true element and made us all look good. We are so happy with our family photos! We will definitely have her fulfill our future photo needs.”

— Kaly Gomez, family portraits


Hi! So glad you’re here! I hope you’re here to learn more about me as you look for a photographer for your event, milestone or to capture everyday moments in your life. I am a family and small event photographer based out of Tacoma, Washington specializing in engagement, wedding, maternity and newborns. And just recently I have added Fine Art School Photography to my portfolio. I shoot on location in natural light. Whether that is at your home or at a park, picking pumpkins or picnicking, baking cookies or shopping for cookies, at a church or on a mountain. I am also available for travel within the U.S.
Please feel free to browse the website. I believe my work speaks for itself. Every moment is special and I am here to document it so that you can let go and be in that moment.

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For more information on scheduling or prices, e-mail me at hello [at] foxandwagon[dot] com or fill out the form below.


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meet stacy

My name is Stacy. My passion for photography began when my parents gave me a Kodak 110 camera at the age of 10. My main subjects back then were our cocker spaniel Mandy and calico Sarah. I preferred still life and landscapes to people. I was shy, introverted and got nervous talking to people. (I’m still a little awkward and make weird jokes when I don’t know what else to say!)

Photo by Tiffany Burke Photography

Then all that changed when I turned 22. I packed my old red BMW and drove for 6 days to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. For two and a half years I worked in the attractions and then as a vacation and portrait photographer with Photo Pass. Disney helped me develop a way to capture the magical moments between loved ones.

Now that I have a family of my own, I am able to fully appreciate the work I did at Disney and what that experience taught me. It was a pivotal point in both my personal and professional life.

In addition to Disney, I have had the opportunity to shoot weddings for the Yuen Lui Photography Studio and had several images published in newspapers and magazines. A book will be published in May 2017 with one of my images on the cover.

On one of my trips back from Florida in 2010, my best friend proposed to me in the airport surrounded by 5 of our friends and a family dog. It couldn’t have been more perfect of a proposal. Just over a year later I married him at an old cobbler shop turned wedding venue on Capitol Hill. We served breakfast for dinner and maple bacon cupcakes paired with our favorite coffee from the shop in Tacoma where we met. We tried to waltz for our first dance and failed miserably and high-fived for our unity celebration. It was amazing!

A little more about me:

❤ I have two amazing daughters who teach me more about myself than I have ever learned. They’re beautiful, goofy, frustrating and intelligent.
❤ My dog is named after the character in Robocop.
❤ I LOVE LOVE LOVE finding new music. Especially local, PNW music. When I was living in Florida I missed the alternative radio stations. I lend my urge to move back to Washington to Death Cab for Cutie.
❤ I appreciate the effort people put into things they love.
❤ I NEED coffee… I can’t survive without it (all the moms say “hey yeah!”). But iced. Always iced.
❤ I’ve driven across America three times without kids. I am looking forward to taking my girls out on the highway to show them how big, beautiful and diverse this country really is.
❤ Avocado + tomato + mayo = BEST. SANDWICH. EVER.
❤ If you smile I’ll take your photo. If you frown, furrow, cringe, laugh, cry, spit, hiccup, gush, yell, jump, pout, run, punch, kiss, dance, play, call me and I’ll take your photo.

Photography is more than a picture. If you would like to know more about me or my photography philosophy, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Follow me personally on Instagram @infraredfox and my business account @foxandwagon_photo.

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