DuCharme Birth & Newborn (new baby package, pt 2) – Tacoma Birth & Newborn Photographer


With Mother’s Day nearing, I’d love to share an amazing experience I had last year photographing a birth and the beginning of motherhood for a fierce and beautiful woman.

The images below show a woman in labor and giving birth via cesarean section. The images show a bit of nudity and may be too graphic for those sensitive to blood and the realness of birth.


My friend Megan had planned her annual girls weekend at Moses Lake mid-July 2017. It also happened to be when Katie and Keith’s baby was due. That whole week leading up to Sunshine Trip 2017 and the DuCharme’s baby’s birth I had been checking in with Katie to see how she was doing. No baby. Braxton Hicks contractions. Crap!

So when it was the day before I was supposed to leave for Moses Lake, I was sitting by my phone like a girl in an 80’s movie. Only I was waiting for a pregnant lady to call. Around 5pm I got a text from Katie. She’s heading to the hospital. I call Joey to ask if he can come home early to take care of our girls and then I make my way to St. Joseph’s in Tacoma.

When I got there, Katie was in the bathroom with Keith and her nurse. She was having a contraction. The contraction slowed and we greeted each other. Katie was cheerful but focused. Another contraction. Breathe. Moan. Breathe.

She had the best support system with Keith, her mom, her doula, and her nurses. They helped her onto the birthing ball and then to the bed.

An hour or so went by and her body was getting tired. Katie requested an epidural to get some relief and rest. Contractions continue, but the mother can get a little more comfortable. She was so strong and serene and understanding.

Another 45 minutes passed. Katie, who is a midwife herself, studied her own CTG (cardiotocograph). The surgeon came in the room and Katie looked at Keith. It meant only one thing. Tears flooded their eyes. Katie took a deep breath in, “Okay, I’m ready.” She knew what needed to happen.

Keith and I suited up in super flattering surgical coveralls and caps while Katie was prepped for her cesarean.

Katie requested a clear sheet so she could see the baby as she gave birth – another testament to her courage to be able to watch what was happening to her body. The surgeons worked quickly and we welcomed Roman Scott Thomas to Earth at 10:15pm on July 14th, 2017.

Katie reminded me just how spectacular our mom bodies are with her endless strength and unfaltering spirit. Happy Mother’s Day, my dears!

Blessings to the DuCharmes!


Oh, and I made it to Moses Lake for my girls weekend!


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